Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspections


Go With a Pro: Go With DVO

There are many reasons a commercial building needs to be inspected:

  • Potential hazardous material found
  • New purchase
  • Government Compliance
  • Demolition/Renovation

Whatever the reason, you can count on us to support you. We are licensed and trained in a variety of areas including mold and asbestos. And because we are third-party neutral, our expertise is uncompromising. From rush sampling and testing, to full structural and sewer inspections, we can and do inspect for a variety of reasons and circumstances.

Government Organizations

We specialize in privatized city code enforcement. If your town or city needs a private commercial or residential inspector, give us a call! Our experience is extensive and you won't find anyone else who can manage the vast scope of commercial or residential inspections. We offer inspection services for new, ongoing, or existing builds. We will ensure that any building, future or current, is compliant with all existing city code requirements and will enforce them, as needed. Because we are trained and licensed in areas like Mold and Asbestos, we inspect for these things as a normal part of our inspection process. This saves you time and money.