Residential Inspections

Residential Inspections

Go With a Pro: Go With DVO

You're asking yourself, 'What makes DVO Inspection Services, Inc. different from every other inspection company?'

Our training.

When you hire 'The Other Guys', their basic industry training will fall short of what you need. Their NASHI or ASHI training does not include Mold, Asbestos, Termites and Pests, or Radon. In fact, they are required by the state to be licensed or certified in each of these areas, to ensure proper handling and training of such health-hazards. Should they find evidence of any of these things in your home, they will tell you to 'hire a professional.' Well, aren't they the professionals?

Home Buyers and Sellers


The recent uptick in home buying has caused some interesting developments in the inspection process of buying a home. And each week, we are being asked to come and re-inspect homes that have already been inspected. Leading inspection companies in the region are cutting corners, desperate to get houses sold and leaving new home owners with damaged houses. Don't get stuck with substandard, shoddy inspections. As Master Inspectors, we don't work for anyone else but YOU.

Investor/Government Bodies

DVO Inspection Services, Inc. is licensed and trained to inspect for everything that might come up in an inspection. As an investor or a government body, having someone trained in all these areas saves you time and money. We can inspect your single or multiple residential buildings for all these areas at the same time. More importantly, our inspections are third-party neutral. We aren't owned or operated by a repair or remediation company or a real estate brokerage, so you can feel confident knowing that our reporting is a true neutral.

A company that inspects and remediates doesn't make money unless you have a problem. The bigger the client, the bigger the 'problem'. Contracting with DVO Inspection Services, Inc is the best choice for you and your residents. Call us today and see how we can help!