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Master Inspector: What's the Difference?

Our Master Inspectors are trained to the highest level in their field. We go above and beyond the national standards of structural building inspections and ensure that all your questions can be answered regarding new home.

Trained and certified in all aspects of property inspections, we can confidently inspect your home for mold, termites, pests, radon, asbestos, etc. Where other companies lack the training to be able to inspect your home for these things, we don't. If we discover an issue with your property, you won't have to call in an 'expert' to further evaluate your home: we ARE the experts.

And the more inspections you schedule with DVO Inspection Services, Inc., the more money you save! Bundling our inspection services can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Our Master Inspectors offer the following structural building inspections for new and current owners and renters:

  • Pre-Purchase and Pre-sale
  • Single component (roof, siding, etc)
  • Pre-purchase Bundling
  • Property Preservation
  • City Building Code Enforcement
  • Renter Building Inspection Law Compliance

Did You Know?

National building standards do not require training in many areas, including termites and mold. If a home inspector sees something obvious, they can mention it, however, they are not required to. You will have to call a specialized inspector to come and check your home for any issue your inspector is not certified or licensed in, costing you time and money.

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