Asbetos Testing and Inspection

Asbestos Testing and Inspection

We are the region's only asbestos inspection company currently offering air sampling in Nebraska and we are the only home inspection company offering asbestos testing.

As recently as 2010, asbestos was found in common construction materials, however, this has now been proven to have a serious impact on the health and well-being of those unfortunate enough to breathe it in.

If your property needs to be inspected, give us a call! We perform a thorough inspection to identify any asbestos. If we find something, we will collect samples which are then analyzed by an accredited laboratory. This will determine not only if the test is positive or negative, but how heavy a concentration is present in the building.

All of our asbestos inspections include air sampling to determine if asbestos is hidden behind drywall or concealed in other areas,like floorboards and ceilings. These tests will reveal how much asbestos is in the breathable air, signaling potential health hazards to occupants.

We also offer expedited testing, giving you results in as little as 24 hours. So, if you have a deadline that needs to be met, we are here to help.


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